When I was a child, my Dad used to film my every movement. I think that's probably one of the reasons why I also got interested in directing my own films, especially documentaries.


LABIBINI  is a portrait about the prestigious Swiss carnival band, the Labibini. We follow the group on tour, at carnival events around the country. Labibini never uses notes while playing; they always play songs by heart. Being a member of the Labibini is not about being perfect; it doesn’t matter if you’re a musician or not - anyone can participate.
This documentary is about companionship, excitement and the joy of music.

MR. FERGUSON  Tobias, a 19 year-old young man, half- Danish, half- Swiss, has a big passion for the old Ferguson tractor which he has bought from his Grandfather in Denmark. He wants to drive the old tractor to Switzerland where he's living at the moment.


COMPANION is a competition film, focusing on the theme "digital times". This short film is about our digital companion, the mobile phone. The film shows a young woman who is very addicted to her mobile phone. So much, that nightmares ensue.