Music is my passion. My grandfather made music, my father was a drummer, my mother used to sing, my sisters play the trumpet & my brother is a drummer too. It was kind of obvious for me to love playing music. One instrument in particular has accompanied me since I was 10 years old - the guitar.
I fell in love with the six string instrument when I saw a friend of mine playing it in a scout camp. I came home and told my mom "I wanna learn how to play the guitar".

I took classical guitar lessons until the age of 18, then decided to focus on creating my own songs, under the name MADSTONE.

Since 2015, I've been writing & producing music.


Since the beginning of 2018, I got more & more interested in producing electronic music. FRETSCH is basically a completely different side of me and the funny thing is that I used to hate DJ's. But at some point I realised that producing EDM is a lot more fun than I expected and I think that is the most important thing - doing something you like and having fun with it. 

Currently, I'm studying MUSIC PRODUCTION at BIMM Berlin to expand my creative horizon in studio technics, computer music production, mixing & arrangements, etc.